Andy Mitchell – The Yardbirds

Andy Mitchell is the Lead singer of The Yardbirds, and London-based rock singer/songwriter.

Official website

His solo material weaves classic rock pop and soul influences into a melodic modern rock sound, blending rock guitar riffs with a powerful soulful vocal delivery and pop-tinged soaring melodies.

Imagine Classic influences like Led Zeppelin, McCartney, The Isley Brothers merged with a modern rock sound like Incubus, The Stereophonics and U2.

Andy learnt to play guitar by listening to the rock greats like Thin Lizzy, Hendrix, Gilmour, Cream, Page and Beck, whilst lending an ear to the soulful vocal stylings of Stevie Wonder, and the acoustic melodicism of Joni Mitchell.


3 Responses to Andy Mitchell – The Yardbirds

  1. Christine Ashley-Legere says:

    It’s me Christine Edmotnon, just dropping by to say Hi, I wanted to thank you guys for an awesome preformance, I really enjoyed myself. Hope your vegas show was great!
    talk to you later

  2. Nigel says:

    Hi Andy,

    Just dropped Gladys (Yamaha Guitar) off to have her serviced and was having a chat with Alistaire Atkin. Great news my boy! So pleased to hear that things are really moving forward for you. We chatted about Touch at KC and your obvious talents and how you have developed over the years. I’m still there trying my best to inspire new talent. Still teaching wonderful pupils, who are totally devoted to their guitar work. I wish you all the very best and am proud that you bring so much joy to so many people now.


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