New song – If Morning Breaks

Wishing you all a Happy New Year for 2015!

I wanted to share a new song with you: My interpretation of a new song I wrote with Top Topham In November/December 2014, originally as a song idea for some Yardbirds recording sessions we were originally supposed to do in April 2015.

Top sent me a very catchy riff, and I did an arrangement and wrote the lyrics. I went pretty “off piste” for what fans might imagine a “typical” Yardbirds song to be, but it still has some of those elements.

I played all the guitar parts on this version, using a Japanese-manufactured Bill Lawrence guitar fro the mid eighties, equipped with pickups made by Matt Gleeson of Monty’s Guitars. The bridge pickup is a vintage voiced alnico humbucker (Humdinger), and the neck pickup is an alnico Strat style pickup, with slightly higher output than a stock one.

The lyrical theme has a simple message: In the digital age we are cynically bombarded at every moment by misinformation, designed to cause division and enmity. We must be watchful; question what’s presented to us, and for what reason.


About andymitchellmusic
Official website 2009-2015 - Lead singer of legendary 60s rhythm and blues/psychedelic rock group The Yardbirds. Contemporary rock solo artist with stylistic nods to Classic Rock and 70s Soul. Session vocalist/harmonica player/guitarist. Producer.

6 Responses to New song – If Morning Breaks

  1. Malcolm says:

    Well done Andy !!

    • andymitchellmusic says:

      Thanks Malcolm… Happy New Year. I presume you’ve got snow? There’s a great docu on the Beeb at the moment called “Snow Wolf Family And Me”, set in Ellesmere Island in the Great White Nprth.

  2. erose9 says:

    great, powerful

  3. Nigel says:

    Haven’t heard from you in awhile and was wondering what you’d been up to. Certainly worth the wait. Nice and gritty – just how I like it. I remember the sound guy commenting about the gig with Touch at KC, all those years ago. (Are you still in touch with Joby?). Voice is so good and a joy to mix. Guitar work has an essence that is visceral in the best possible way – gets inside you and tweakes the right buttons. Interesting to hear the old fuzz box – classic sound, just like the old analogue synth. You might star a revival. 😱

    • andymitchellmusic says:

      Hi Nigel, Happy New Year! Great to hear from you! I was definitely thinking of you when I did this solo… I was trying to ape a bit of the Jeff Beck/Pagey thing with the fuzz. I remembered your lead tone on your Yamaha SG aka Gladys… I’m guessing neck pickup, with tone control rolled off. Just awesome through the Bluesbreaker combo. I’m definitely in touch with Joe (Joby) – he and his wife recently had baby twins (a boy and a girl).

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