New song – If Morning Breaks

Wishing you all a Happy New Year for 2015!

I wanted to share a new song with you: My interpretation of a new song I wrote with Top Topham In November/December 2014, originally as a song idea for some Yardbirds recording sessions we were originally supposed to do in April 2015.

Top sent me a very catchy riff, and I did an arrangement and wrote the lyrics. I went pretty “off piste” for what fans might imagine a “typical” Yardbirds song to be, but it still has some of those elements.

I played all the guitar parts on this version, using a Japanese-manufactured Bill Lawrence guitar fro the mid eighties, equipped with pickups made by Matt Gleeson of Monty’s Guitars. The bridge pickup is a vintage voiced alnico humbucker (Humdinger), and the neck pickup is an alnico Strat style pickup, with slightly higher output than a stock one.

The lyrical theme has a simple message: In the digital age we are cynically bombarded at every moment by misinformation, designed to cause division and enmity. We must be watchful; question what’s presented to us, and for what reason.