New Song – When I’m Gone

New Song – When I’m Gone

New song from my forthcoming album. Check it out on youtube (link above), and bag yourself a free download of the unmastered version from my website, or my Reverbnation site

Just in time for Halloween

This is a strange tale about being dead and being haunted by a ghost from the past. It is based on a very surreal dream I had which I can’t even begin to explain!

Musically and thematically there is a nod the Beatles, who were the masters of The Surreal and The Trippy, and  did ask myself “WWPD” (what would Paul do?) when I came up with the McCartney-esque bassline.

For anyone interested in the audio aspect. I used the fantastic UBK-1 compressor plugin by Kush Audio on pretty much everything on this track. I find it particularly wonderful on acoustic guitar, which in this case was a beautiful custom Atkin Guitars Small Jumbo with cedar top.

The UBK-1 makes easy work out of getting nice fat bass tones (Fender Jazz Deluxe). Much love to UBK!



New Music

Hi all,


It has been a while since my last blog…

New tune

I’ll be posting up a new song about a ghost on Wednesday, quite conveniently which happens to be Halloween!

This one’s for the geeks

Just been doing a “pseudo-master” the song, which is called “When I’m Gone”. In the spirit of the so-called “loudness war” I’ve managed to keep my levels fairly conservative, however I did notice the level creep up to -10 rms at one point, so I’m fully expecting the Loudness Police to pounce on me any second.

On the subject of mixing and mastering software, we’re very fortunate in this day and age to have some great, high-quality free tools to help us along the way. Huge thanks to Fabien at Tokyo Dawn Labs for the fantastic TDR II compressor, and to Vlad G for the incredibly deep mastering limiter he calls Limiter No. 6… pretty mind-boggling piece of gear. Bravo guys, I’m deeply grateful!