Andy Mitchell forthcoming gigs

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Saturday 25th June First headline acoustic show with my band, featuring songs from my forthcoming album “Rooms”

Friday 22nd July  – Regal Room at The Distillers Hammersmith – stripped-down and delicate acoustic set with Ben King from The Yardbirds on guitar. this is a fantastic intimate venue with a great sound

Tuesday 23rd August – The Bedford Balham – Acoustic set with my band – The Bedford is widely considered as the place to go and see top quality acoustic music in London. Come down and celebrate the release of my album.

Gig report: The Tabernacle Notting Hill

Another super top night put on by Wade Bayliss and the Island Experiment crew

Headliner Orlando Seale and his huge band was outstanding…

…as was a curious top-hatted rapping troubador by the name of Jake Emlyn who kind of looks like Brian Jones from The Rolling Stones – head over to his music page and revel in his lyrical genius. Absolutely amazing! Highlight for me was “John Lennon stole my girlfriend” and “I don’t rap” which was frankly genius.

He is doing his last gig for a while on Monday 2nd May at The Proud Galleries in Camden. A must see.

Jake Emlyn on Youtube


The Yardbirds headline Zep Fest in Washington DC on Memorial weekend
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Official website 2009-2015 - Lead singer of legendary 60s rhythm and blues/psychedelic rock group The Yardbirds. Contemporary rock solo artist with stylistic nods to Classic Rock and 70s Soul. Session vocalist/harmonica player/guitarist. Producer.

4 Responses to Andy Mitchell forthcoming gigs

  1. rolyrols says:

    Great to hear that Jake Emlyn is beginning to get the credit he deserves.He does have that effect of leaving you asking yourself, “Wow-what have i just seen.”Jake has an undeniable charm and incisive way with words. A great night at a great venue !!

    • andymitchellmusic says:

      Absolutely – I couldn’t have put it any better. Regrettably I wan’t able to see him in Camden on Monday. Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

  2. random joe says:

    jakeys the man

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