Juliet Russell “Lazy” single and video launch

Congratulations to Juliet Russell on the launch of her single and video “Lazy”, directed by Ayala Sharot

We all had a great time at the launch last night at The Roxy Bar and Cinema (Sunday 26th March) I played guitar and percussion for Juliet last night, along with Sense Of Sound including director Jennifer John (Killerfernandez), William Lester, uber guitarist Ben Barritt, Moby bass player Svetlana Vassileva.

You can watch the video and buy the single at Juliet Russel’s official website

The Yardbirds at Twickenham Friday 25th March

Thanks to all our fans for coming to the show. We had a great time and it was nice meeting you all.

Look out for more UK shows in June, including another London date

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Pre-gig preparation

About to head off to Twickenham Stadium for sound check.

Ben King has managed to blag a Divided By Thirteen amp (I believe it is the RSA31 but maybe he will surprise me.)

Meanwhile I am checking out some old Yardbirds footage to get some inspiration.

I always head to Jim McCarty’s youtube channel to see what else has been unearthed.

Of course, youtube being what it is, I always go off on some tangent, and discover stuff like old Rush and Thin Lizzy soundcheck footage. Pure gold!

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A good week – Peter Gabriel concert, and expensive boutique guitar amps

Good week so far:

Karin Fransson

Started off by laying some guitar tracks down for soul/jazz/pop artist Karin Fransson who is deep in recording mode at the moment for her debt album. I will be plaing guitar with her at her album launch in May. Details to follow. Karin has an amazing voice… Top class.

Divided By Thirteen amps

Ben King, the Yardbirds Lead Guitarist gave me a call and cajoled me (yeah right!) into accompanying him to Machinehead in Hitchin to try out these amazing amps (just don’t look at the price tag!) Absolutely incredible 3-d organic vibrant tones came pouring out, and we needed no excuse to crnk up the volume and pound out some Zeppelin riffs on this gorgeous 1962 Lake Placid Blue strat, just like the one Jimmy Page used on “Presence”. Ben loved the JRT 9/15 with its switchable 6V6/EL84 power stage and special edition Celestion G12H30. I was really impressed by the RSA 31, a very classy AC30 variant with none of the associated negative points. Next time we are going to check out the FRT37 properly as we didn’t get a chance to check it out thoroughly (same goes with the Two Rock which had a nice solid tone.)

I must say Ben’s new germanium transistorWilliams Audio Tone Bender fuzz pedal sounded


through the JRT 9/15: fat vintage fuzz tones, but tight bass, and no woolliness or harshness.

Peter Gabriel and the New Blood Orchestra

My friend shouted me a ticket to Peter Gabriel gig at Hammersmith Apollo last night. (thanks Graham). Coincidentally, Yardbirds bass player Dave was there with his brother, and Spinlords bandmate guitarist Jonny. After sitting in the wrong seats “up in the gods”, we finally saw sense and went to our correct seats in the stalls fo the second half, where the balance between voice and orchestra was much better. I ended up sitting next to a guy that had seen so many classic era concerts, including Rush on the Hemispheres tour >Jealousy barely in check< Peter Gabriel was deliberately self-effacing to draw our attention to the orchestra who were excellent. I found the pace and dynamic a little bit samey through the entire set, but there were some great moments. Great sound and atmospheric lighting.

Tomorrow night – The Yardbirds live at Twickenham Stadium

Really Looking forward to this, an annual event put on by The Eel Pie club.

Juliet Russell “Lazy” video and single launch

Sunday night – 26th March – I will be playing guitar and singing backing vocals.

The Spinlords have a new EP out – http://www.thespinlords.com/
Stay tuned for news about my forthcoming album


Yardbirds Live in London March 2011

The Eel Pie Club presents The Yardbirds Live in London

DATE: Friday 25 March 2011, at The Live Room, Twickenham Stadium,

The home of Richmond Rhythm & Blues

For information on gigs, see Future Club Dates

For YARDBIRDS Tickets, Friday 25 March 2011, at The Live Room, Twickenham Stadium, BUY NOW! on line, or phone TicketWeb on 08444 771000, or SEE Tickets on 0871 230 0010. (See Future Club Dates for more details.)
BUY NOW on line at ticketweb, or phone TicketWeb on 08444 771000, or SEE Tickets or call on 0871 230 0010. (See Future Club Dates for more details.)

The Eel Pie Club

    The aim of the Eel Pie Club is to preserve and continue the heritage of
    Richmond Rhythm & Blues in the area where it all began in the 1960’s – Eel Pie Island. The Crawdaddy Club, The Station Hotel, The Imperial, and L’Auberge were just some of the famous venues that made R & B world famous, and whose new young talent (including The Rolling Stones, TheYardbirds, Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck, Jimmy Page, Rod Stewart) began their rise to world fame.

    Executive Founder Members: Tom Nolan, Gina Way and Warren Walters
    Consultant: Don Craine. Sound and Stage Lighting: Mick Riley

    (See also Eel Pie Cub on Facebook)