New song – If Morning Breaks

Wishing you all a Happy New Year for 2015!

I wanted to share a new song with you: My interpretation of a new song I wrote with Top Topham In November/December 2014, originally as a song idea for some Yardbirds recording sessions we were originally supposed to do in April 2015.

Top sent me a very catchy riff, and I did an arrangement and wrote the lyrics. I went pretty “off piste” for what fans might imagine a “typical” Yardbirds song to be, but it still has some of those elements.

I played all the guitar parts on this version, using a Japanese-manufactured Bill Lawrence guitar fro the mid eighties, equipped with pickups made by Matt Gleeson of Monty’s Guitars. The bridge pickup is a vintage voiced alnico humbucker (Humdinger), and the neck pickup is an alnico Strat style pickup, with slightly higher output than a stock one.

The lyrical theme has a simple message: In the digital age we are cynically bombarded at every moment by misinformation, designed to cause division and enmity. We must be watchful; question what’s presented to us, and for what reason.


Free Downloads of some new songs

Free Downloads of some new songs

Hi all,

Happy Thanksgiving to all my US friends!


Make sure you head over to my website’s music page and grab your free downloads of three new songs, When I’m Gone, In A Heartbeat, and Starlight. They are slightly different versions to what will be on the album. Please share amongst your friends, and enjoy!

All the best,


Starlight – New song on YouTube – free download from my website

Starlight – get your free download from my website here

I was very much inspired by the great poets of the Romantic era when I wrote the lyrics. It springs from that feeling you get in the small hours of the morning, when the sky is crystal clear and the moon shines bright through the window.

The lyrical metaphor of the distant moon evokes a conflict of emotions: loneliness, a sense of wonder, a desire to escape Earth’s gravity, a yearning to connect with the timeless expanse of the universe surrounding us.

New song – In A Heartbeat

Make sure you grab your free download from my website.

True story:

I wrote this song after a drive through Northern France, past the former battlefields of The Somme.

We passed an elderly man leaning on a farm gate. He was dressed in old-fashioned clothes from another era.

The whole scene was slightly unsettling and incongruous; He looked out of place, out of context. A weird juxtaposition!  It was rarer eerie. It stimulated my imagination: Perhaps this was a soldier who never returned home?

The story is of a man lost on in battle. Not realising he had died, he can’t understand why he has been left behind amongst the fallen.

He tries in vain to somehow return home.

LYRICS © Andy Mitchell 2013

I sleep alone in the garden of eden
the seeds are sown in this withering field
my breath is blown on a wind of unreason
I lost may way back home

I’m calling out in the valley of silence
a quiet voice in the whispering blades
of the green green grass that were kissed by the rain
I’m screaming out your name

In a heartbeat
I lost my way back home
in a heartbeat
And here we were waiting for time…
to turn us back around again

I walk alone in the shadow of sunrise
their hearts are stone
they don’t feel what i feel
This frozen field sings a song to the morning
I lost my way back home

In a heartbeat
I lost my way back home
in a heartbeat
And here we were waiting for time…
to turn us back around again

we hope these things have passed
yeah we walk the other way
But all these memories remain
In a place that we call home

… in your heartbeat


I come back here to the solace of summer
the trees are grown in this flourishing field
my words are woven with a rhyme and a reason
finding my way back home
Finding my way back home
cos I lost my way back home
I lost my way back home

New Song – When I’m Gone

New Song – When I’m Gone

New song from my forthcoming album. Check it out on youtube (link above), and bag yourself a free download of the unmastered version from my website, or my Reverbnation site

Just in time for Halloween

This is a strange tale about being dead and being haunted by a ghost from the past. It is based on a very surreal dream I had which I can’t even begin to explain!

Musically and thematically there is a nod the Beatles, who were the masters of The Surreal and The Trippy, and  did ask myself “WWPD” (what would Paul do?) when I came up with the McCartney-esque bassline.

For anyone interested in the audio aspect. I used the fantastic UBK-1 compressor plugin by Kush Audio on pretty much everything on this track. I find it particularly wonderful on acoustic guitar, which in this case was a beautiful custom Atkin Guitars Small Jumbo with cedar top.

The UBK-1 makes easy work out of getting nice fat bass tones (Fender Jazz Deluxe). Much love to UBK!


New Music

Hi all,


It has been a while since my last blog…

New tune

I’ll be posting up a new song about a ghost on Wednesday, quite conveniently which happens to be Halloween!

This one’s for the geeks

Just been doing a “pseudo-master” the song, which is called “When I’m Gone”. In the spirit of the so-called “loudness war” I’ve managed to keep my levels fairly conservative, however I did notice the level creep up to -10 rms at one point, so I’m fully expecting the Loudness Police to pounce on me any second.

On the subject of mixing and mastering software, we’re very fortunate in this day and age to have some great, high-quality free tools to help us along the way. Huge thanks to Fabien at Tokyo Dawn Labs for the fantastic TDR II compressor, and to Vlad G for the incredibly deep mastering limiter he calls Limiter No. 6… pretty mind-boggling piece of gear. Bravo guys, I’m deeply grateful!

2 gigs – This Friday 5th October and Saturday 13th October

 Music In the Raw

This Friday 5th October:

Tucker’s Treats @ The Earl Of Portobello

Following on from last week’s set, I’ve been invited back. This time the evening is presented by the most blues wailing Hayley Tucker.

36 Golborne Road, London W10 5PR

NEXT SATURDAY 13th October – Music In The Raw 2nd Anniversary Special

The Priory Tavern
250 Belsize Road
London NW6 4BT

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